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Why intern in London?

There are a million reasons for doing an internship in London.

One reason is the opportunity to improve and use your English in the workplace as well as in social situations.

According to Statista there are 1.5 thousand million English speakers in the world today and it has become the language of the business world. Where better to work than London as a way of improving your English skills?

Improving your English is not the only reason though. There comes a time in life when young people need to accept the challenge of leaving the safety of their home country and spread their wings, gaining workplace knowledge in real workplace situations under the guidance of top professionals in their respective fields. London is a hub of top multinational companies offering a wealth of opportunities to those brave enough to grab the opportunity to better themselves. A period working at a top internationally renowned company will be great for your CV as well as offering a glimpse of life away from the safety of your hometown. It really is an opportunity not to be missed.

But London isn't just a "work" city. There is a whole world to discover within London itself and in coming blog entries I'll be offering you the chance to discover some of London's best kept secrets as well as some fantastic suggestions on how to spend some of that well-earned free time that you will have earned during your stay in this wonderful, vibrant, multi-cultural and thought-provoking city. 

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More than just work in London

London is a city that is alive with people of all nationalities with a multitude of things to do to keep busy at weekends, after work and during bank holidays.

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The small business millionaire

Not long ago I was recommended a book to read called THE SMALL BUSINESS MILLIONAIRE - by Steve Chandler and Sam Beckford

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La juventud es un recurso que no dura para siempre. Aunque puede ser abrumador tener toda tu vida por delante, es importante priorizar las experiencias que solo se pueden hacer mientras eres joven.

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