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The team academy (part 2)

So how did Team Academy come about? What happened to make it a reality?

Back in 1993, Mr Johannes Partanen who was working as a lecturer of marketing set out to change the concept of learning in Finland. He wanted people to learn in a way far removed from the usual classroom style traditionally used. He believed there was a better way to learn about business.

On January 19th 1993 Johannes Partanen posted a notice on the noticeboard of the school. It read 

"Do you want to go on a journey round the world and also learn some marketing" 

Twenty-four students reacted and his first "team" was born. 
Desks and chairs were replaced by armchairs and sofas that could be placed in a circle to create an atmosphere in which face to face dialogue could take place, without barriers. Traditional teaching methods were replaced by training sessions and equally important, theory was put into practice through projects and experiences outside the classroom.  Books and other reading material were used if needed to support a project but they were not the focus of learning. The first projects were small (inventories and market research) but soon the team started creating its own products. The seed of change had been sown.
The ideology behind this desire to change was the following,
We must become the change we want to see in the world. This requires courage and persistence. (Mahatma Ghandi, 1947)
Students set down their own values relating to this ideology

1) FREEDOM.  We have the courage to break away from ready-made patterns, we have the courage to break our own limits and we have the courage GO OUT INTO THE REAL WORLD.
2) EXPERIENCES. We want to learn to learn by doing, through our experiences. We want to put theory into practice.
3) ACTION. Our energy and power emerges form the individuals, not from the organisation. Every one of us will create his/her own workplace..
4) WE LEARN THROUGH PROJECTS. If you do not work in projects you are doomed. Start new projects or participate in them. You have to do something that is concrete or measurable.
5) TEAM. Our learning environment is a team. We learn to work in teams and we learn to create our own networks. 

It was all about learning by doing and this vision has earned The Team Academy much prestige and recognition. 

Internships are also a way of learning by doing, learning with a coach, training you to be better, smarter and see things from different angles. Out there in the real world we need to look at things from different perspectives. Internships are a way of gaining this knowledge. Learn by doing!! 

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