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Reasons to do an internship with Dombee

We have all heard of horror stories regarding internship programmes where a student does nothing more than make coffee for the boss and on a really good day they may get to take the rubbish out to the dump or shred some files!

But internships don't need to be like that and with Dombee you can rest assured that interns will receive mentored work internships at reputable companies as well as receiving training and coaching in different areas integral to today's business world.

1) Partnerships with long standing and reputable companies in London

Dombee have teamed up with some of the top companies in London to offer high quality internships with leading companies within their distinctive fields. 

Not only are the internships organised, monitored and assesed throughout, interns will also have excellent student accommodation (or host families).

2) Business skills workshops and coaching

Dombee will ensure that the interns not only focus on work experience but also undertake a series of skills-based workshops focusing on the skills needed in today's workplace which will in turn enhance the C.V. 

Coaching sessions will be organised for all our interns at various times during the internship programme. Coaching has become a fundamental part of today's professional world and to get ahead in life it is recognised that coaching plays an integral part.
English language courses are also available for those wishing to improve their English skills set. 

3) A knowledge of London like no others.

Dombee not only offers interns fantastic opportunities to enhance C.V.s but also we have local, native knowledge of London and surrounding areas. Our partnerships with our London associates mean that we can offer what few others can - first class tips and inside knowledge of a city that never stops. 

Our local experts will provide a 24 hour help service should there be any problems and an optional social programme will be available for any interns wishing to take part. 

4) The all-in-one Intern package

Dombee offers interns an all-in-one service. There is no need to look for an internship programme and then accommodation and then book transfers and then worry about the million and one other things that need organising. Dombee will take care of it. It's what we do and what we love doing. 
We care about your future and will take care of all the fine details so that you can focus on what is important.  

5) Belief in what we offer

At Dombee, we believe in what we do. A professional service for future stars of industry. We also believe in the fact that a candidate with an internship behind them will have a huge advantage in the future, thereby increasing earning potential from the first moment, as well has holding an advantage at each stage of a selection process. 

Having spoken to various leading managers in different industry sectors, the one thing all of them agreed on is the need for experience. Given the option of contracting an employee with some experience or someone straight out of the classroom, they all agreed that experience was key in today's fast moving and ever changing work environment. 

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