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More than just work

Life cannot just be about work. Work experience is vitally important.

Without doubt it is the reason for you coming to London - the opportunity to give yourself an edge in an increasingly competitive world, but it is only one ingredient. Another is developing yourself into the complete professional.

Today's corporate and non-corporate world demands more than just experience in the workplace. It demands the ability to communicate in an effective and engaging manner. What about as you progress up the ladder and you are given more responsibilities, more opportunities?

You need to be prepared to accept these new challenges without fear and with the confidence and ability to deliver.

That's why with Dombee you will be given the opportunity to impress in our life skills classes covering everything from Powerpoint presentations to public speaking. Not enough people take these skills seriously but as you become more competent in life skills, your opportunities to progress in your chosen career will increase. In today's world you cannot be left behind. 

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Why intern in London?

There are a million reasons for doing an internship in London. One reason is the opportunity to improve and use your English.

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La vida no puede ser solo trabajo

La esencia de llenar nuestra “mochila” de experiencias es de vital importancia

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Vivir una experiencia de trabajo en Inglaterra es la mejor decisión que puedes tomar

Las ventajas de vivir una experiencia de trabajo en Londres

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