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Leadership and coaching 2

Coaching brings a new pair of eyes to the table, a new pair of eyes that will help you reach where you want to go. To put it simply, all top performers have coaches. Think of Rafael Nadal, Lionel Messi or Serena Williams. All have coaches to help them get to where they want to go, so why not in the world of business as well?
In todays world many people live or die by their own sword, without any help form anyone whereas what they really need, what we really need is some guidance and some time to develop as people, as leaders, as individuals.Coaching is a key part of this, and is certainly nothing to be feared.

Coaching is an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to respond and react to problems in ways that previously we may never have thought of. 
Many times in our lives, we will be confronted with situations where we feel a bit "lost", or where our minds become "blocked". Coaching can help us look for and hopefully find solutions which wouldn't have occurred to us before.

Coaching is about getting help to see things in a different way - it's a journey of discovery, a journey of self-awareness and a journey full of surprises. It's a journey that we should all take in order to make us better leaders, because make no mistake, leadership and coaching overlap and coaching can help make you a better leader.  

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The team academy (part 1)

The Team Academy is a story of a community that learns by doing and in today's world it is a story well worth reading. It's also not too far removed from the idea of internships. Learning by doing.

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Viajar al extranjero: ¿Qué se siente?

¿Quién no ha querido alguna vez hacer la maleta y comenzar a vivir una aventura?

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Llevarse bien con tus compañeros de trabajo es esencial en unas prácticas profesionales. Amplia tu red de contactos y será un trabajo más productivo.

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